Actual version numbers and updates

All update archives are only available for registered users of AmiATLAS 6 !
Distribution is done only directly by APC&TCP, all other stuff is an illegal copy!!!
Further details resp. informations regarding illegal copies are welcome!

You can download your Update here

You must have a Account on the Amiga Future Homepage and write the Webmaster a eMail taht you become access to the AmiATLAS Downloads. (Dont forget to add in the email your Realname, adress, and AmiATLAS Serial!)

The table contains all officially valid and actual version numbers of the complete AmiATLAS 6 distribution.
Newer releases (e.g. internal betas) are available on request in some special cases and to a limited number of customers only!

If you have any problems don´t hesitate to contact us via eMail or just ask in our user forum!
We will help you as fast and as good as possible!

go to the update list... (even usable as download link!)
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File sizes are approximately values, can vary in several cases!
We took no sizes for encoding within data transfers (e.g. MIME) into consideration!
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