Your AmiATLAS Development Team - Who is it ?

Like all things AmiATLAS started out of an idea. This was in 1993. Andreas Regul disliked all this route planers available on most of the operating systems, mostly because of their low functionality and/or the very expensive prices. So in 1994 the first version of AmiATLAS becomes available as shareware. The encouragement was extremely high and so further development was safed up to version 5. Now there is version 6 done by a completely new team. More versions will surely follow...

Permanent members and helpers of Version 5

Andreas Regul and Carsten Regul,
additionally Joachim Bertram, Karl Brüne, Hugo Daglinckx, Jean-Luc Premereur and Hans Weise.

Permanent members and helpers of Version 6

Gerd Frank and Manfred Rohde,
additionally Patrick Fürst, Matthias Gietzelt, Stefano Guidetti, Falk Holtzhaussen, Olaf Köbnik,
Claus Luethje, Fabio Miscia, Jean-Marc Mossu, Thomas Peterseim, Andreas Schwarz,Oliver Tacke,
Oliver Eschbach, Maik Trompler, Christian Maier, Fabio Ferriccioli, Volker Preil and Peter Huyoff.


AmiATLAS Development Team