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Welcome at the website of AmiATLAS

In this section you can find all about AmiATLAS concerning news, updates, future plans or changes within this website!

2013/06/23 - AmiATLAS Download-Version

Since today you find AmiATLAS as a download version in the online shop of APC&TCP at a discounted price of 50%.

Of course AmiATLAS will continue to be available as usual on CD.

The ISO image of AmiATLAS is very large.
In any case, when you purchase the download version, you should have a good internet connection.

Order: http://www.amigashop.org

2007/12/06 - New download area opened for AmiATLAS

Since today there is a new download area available for all registered AmiATLAS 6 users!
Here you can find all the latest updates and maps for download.

You will get access to this area via login at the Amiga Future homepage and a short notice to the webmaster with your real name, postal address and AmiATLAS serial number.

Your Amiga Future user account will be opened immediately for this new AmiATLAS download area.